Mission Description

“The role of the CCIB RO-FR Association is to help companies of all sectors in the steps involved in national and international development.”
Stefan Oprea









The missions of the CCIB RO-FR Association

Among the missions that the CCIB RO-FR has to accomplish, the most demanded are the following :

      • Organization of economic missions at the request of the customer

      • Organization of informational d’ineconomic meetings necessary for foreignà companies 

      • Projects to develop industrial areas

      • Creation or transfer of companies

      • Establishment in the territory

      • Business Consultancy

      • Financial/economic analyses and evaluations

      • Consultancy in international strategy  

      • Economic Development

      • Elaborate investment projects for national and international clients

      • Market research on a specific segment at the client’s request

      • Investment projects for sustainable international development

Business Consultancy

We evaluate opportunities, conduct competitive intelligence, analyze the interest of your investment and we offer a strategy for your project

Accounting Expertise and Financial Auditing

The members of our accounting department are specialized in both French and Romanian accounting, with a significant portfolio of files for numerous international clients.

Legal Service

Our legal team includes lawyers specialized in labor law, banking law, corporate law and intellectual property. We advise and assist you to understand every change in legislation

Human Resources

For a Full Service contract, we offer a simple solution, so that you can easily manage all the regular activities in the field of human resources.

Marketing Service

Versatile in all sectors of activity, our goal is to meet your expectations at the highest level of performance.

Industrial service and outsourcing

No matter if you want relocation, joint venture or to create a new industrial structure, we will assist you.

The European Business Centre, in partnership with the CCIB RO-FR Association, offers its expertise for a successful implementation in Romania.

For 15 years, the European Business Centre has succeeded the implementation of French companies in Romania by providing personalized support for his clients and experienced business consultancy services, marketing, accounting, tax, human resources.

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